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Kraft paper label

Kraft is packaging paper of tough and waterproof,which is precessed carefully with imported bamboo and wood pulp. and there is a distinction of single light, double-sided and light striped .

The main features : strength, tensile strength; smoothness, Paper uniform; strong vertical and horizontal tension; smooth surface; highly content wood pulp and bamboo! claybank,Very versatile; weight range of 40 g / m² to 150 g / m2.

Product No. CCKP080
Facestock Kraft paper
80 g/m2
Special Coating  Require a stiff facestock with high internal strength
Adhesive Hot melt adhesive
Liner 90gsm Yellow kraft paper
Roll size width:100mm~1070mm
Color Yellow Kraft Color
Printing Full Color
Features 1 Paper formation and clean:no suriko wrinkles, holes, sand etc.so as not to affect the quality of plate.
2 Good elasticity of hot press, high flatness, improve the pressure quality and improve the product rate.
3 The heat transfer performance is stable, the uniform has no fluctuation and the heat transfer rate is moderate.
4 Drum paper is  flat, each volume of paper joints no more than 2.
Size Customized