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Direct thermal paper label

Direct thermal paper has the special heat sensitive powder, thus when do printing it does not need the thermal transfer ribbon. So it can avoid the waste of ribbon and save a lot of cost.

Crystal can provide several different types of direct thermal paper stickers. All have the good features for waterproof, resistance to oil and chemical.

1. Normal direct themal paper sticker
2. Detachable two layer thermal paper sticker
3. Syethnic direct themral paper sticker
4. PP direct thermal paper sticker

Product No. CCDT085 CCDDT060 CCDTPET118 CCPPDT085
Facestock A smooth white woodfree paper Detachable direct thermal paper with double deck structure, a white matte paper Direct thermal reinforced with PET PP direct thermal paper
Thickness 80 g/m2, 0.085mm 45 g/m², 0.060 mm 112 g/m², 0.118 mm 70 g/m2, 0.085 mm
Adhesive Special purpose permanent, rubber based adhesive. acrylic based
General purpose strong permanent Acrylic based adhesive
Liner White glassine paper
60 g/m², 0.053 mm
White glassine paper
60 g/m², 0.053 mm
White glassine paper
60 g/m², 0.053 mm
White glassine paper
60 g/m2, 0.053mm
Color White White White Matte White
-15℃-60℃ -50℃-90℃ -20℃-80℃ -30℃-80℃
10°C 7°C 10°C 5°C
Printing Full Color Full Color Full Color Thermal printer
Features Good printing performance with thermal transfer printer.Waterproof, resisit to Oil and chemical. Special two layer detachable structure, widely used in logistics industry. Good strength and printing performance. It can be applied in luggage tag. Abrasion and tear resistance Anti tear, good weather resistance, warterproof and oil resistance.
Size Customized Customized Customized Customized