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CCBLP020 beer private label

CCBLP020 beer private label

If you like to make your own craft beer, you've come to the right place to make your own labels to match. Personalized beer labels are also great for birthday parties, bachelor parties, weddings, corporate events, barbeques, or just for fun. Label your bottles, bottle necks, even bottle caps! Great for bottles or growlers.

Our custom beer bottle labels are printed on high quality vinyl and cut to fit over the original label. The vinyl labels have an adhesive back like a sticker. We recommend placing the custom labels over the back of the original beer label so the front label is still visible.

Attract thirsty customers with beautiful, custom beer labels that differentiate your brand and product. Our dedicated team will help you every step of the way so your beer labels look good whether it’s sitting on a store shelf or behind the bar. Need help determining a label size for your custom beer labels? Check out our label size calculator or contact us to see which label shapes and sizes will work best with your beer bottles, cans, or growlers

Product No. CCBLP020
Facestock Co-extruded Polypropylene film
0.0020 inches
Special Coating a white base paper
Adhesive Permanent acrylic adhesive
Liner 1.5 mil durable Polyester liner
Color Transparent
Printing Full Color
Features Semi-rigid applications and flexographic printing.
Size Customized