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Woven Label

We specialize in high-quality Woven Labels Custom made. Whether you are looking for Woven Tags, Woven Ribbon or Woven Patches: we have it all. Our Woven Fabric Labels are Woven Garment Labels and Woven Sewing Labels are in high demand. Especially our Woven Labels For Handmade Items are very popular. Do you need Woven Labels, Custom, Woven Tags, or any other type of Personalized Woven Label?

With a little investment from you, a good custom label can skyrocket the value of your custom apparel just by letting the consumer know it's associated with your brand. So put your good name and reputation to work by autographing your apparel goods.

We have full range of various materials fabric labels for different application in garment, toys, shoes,hats, bedclothing, Suitcases and Bags. They are suitable for normal offset printing or thermal transfer printing.

We can provide the labels materials in blank or with printing per your design.

The fabric with backing adhesive materials are also availalbe to meet the special purpose application.

Product No. Materials Color Printing Edge Performance
PN7720A1 Nylon White Normal No
PN7740A1 Nylon White TTR printing No
PN7706A6 Nylon White Normal No Fire retardant
NT7020A1 Nylon White Normal No High strength
NT7036A9 Nylon White Normal No Off white
PS7529A1 Polyester Satin White TTR printing No
PS7530N4 Polyester Satin Black Normal No
PS7561A9 Polyester Satin White TTR printing No Double face
PS7961A2 Polyester Satin White Normal embossed edge
SS0201N4 Polyester Satin Black Normal embossed edge
AT7410A1 Acetate White Normal No Easy tear off
TK8443A1 Tyvek White Normal No
NW7459A1 Non woven fabric White Normal No
TC7312A9 Poly Cotton White Normal No
PT7543D1 Poly Cotton Cream Color Normal No Slitte Edge
CN7402A1 Pure Cotton White Normal No
PS8941A1 Polyester Satin White Normal No PVC coated
Self adhesive fabric labels
Product No. Materials Color Printing Edge Performance
NT7902A1 Nylon White Normal No
PS7901A2 Polyester Satin White Normal No