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Silver PET label

The material has many advantages:
1.Have good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3~5 times than other films and the folding resistance is good.
2.Oil resistant, fat resistant, dilute acid, dilute alkali, and most solvent
3.High transparency, can block UV, good gloss.

Product No. 73303 77923 78387
Facestock Brushed stainless steel surface Bright high gloss metallic film Matte finished metallic film
Thickness  0.0508 mm  0.0508 mm  0.0508 mm
Adhesive Permanent acrylic based adhesive Permanent solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive Permanent emulsion acrylic adhesive
Liner White  paper stock
White paper stock
0.08128 mm
White paper stock
Color Brushed stainless metallic color Bright silver color Matte silver color
-40℃-149℃ -40℃-150℃ -40℃-150℃
-4°C 10°C 10°C
Printing Full Color Full Color Full Color
Features The technical data presented is from tests we believe to be reliable but should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for specifications purposes. The top coat is designed for printing by flexography with most solvent and some water based inks. With most press inks, overlamination is required to meet the abrasion requirement for c-UL (CSA) recognition. At the 150ºC recognition temperature, overlaminations darken enough to hinder the readability of most yellow colored inks.
Size Customized Customized Customized