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PE label

The Polyethylene (PE) materials have good flexibility and compression resistance, but its tensile resistance is poor. has white and transpatent colors. can do metallization process. often used in the bottles with frequency pressing and easy deformation. But PE material is too soft, needs to increase stiffness by increasing the thickness, 80 ~ 100μm thickness of the most common, often with bigger area of labeling materials.

Crystal Code can provide white, clear and silver color.

Product No. CCPEW085 CCPET085 CCPES085
Facestock White polyethylene film Transparent polyethylene film Bright silver polyethylene film
Thickness 85 g/m2, 0.085 mm 80 g/m², 0.085 mm 80 g/m², 0.085 mm
Adhesive acrylic
based adhesive
based adhesive
based adhesive
Liner White glassine paper
61 g/m2, 0.055mm
White glassine paper
80 g/m², 0.070 mm
White glassine paper
61g/m2, 0.055mm
Color White Clear Bright silver
-29℃-93℃ -29℃-93℃ -29℃-93℃
-5°C -5°C -5°C
Printing Full Color Full Color Full Color
Features The corona treated face material can be
printed by letterpress, flexo, and silk screen,
giving good print results with UV curing and
water based inks.
To ensure optimum wettability and ink bond,
additional in-line corona treatment is
Sharp film tooling preferably in flat-bed, are
important to ensure smooth conversion.
Acceptance of hot stamping foil is excellent.
Need avoid too much re-winding tension to
causing bleeding.
Size Customized Customized Customized