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CCTLPP060S adhesive tire label

1.Adhesives Research offers fluorescent, UV-reactive label stock designed specifically for use as harmonic tire labels. This unique material marks the spots on tires and rims that must be matched to ensure balance for radial-tuned suspensions.

2.Crystal code's durable retread tire labels are the industry's best solution for identifying tires and other rubber products. Specially designed pressure-sensitive adhesives, durable materials and tough coatings make these labels perfect for the challenging environmental conditions encountered during tire re-treading and green rubber curing.

Product No. CCTLPP060S
Facestock Bright silver
polypropylene film (PP)
45 g/m², 0.060 mm
Special Coating 0.180mm laminated coating and barrier foil
Adhesive Special purpose permanent, rubber based adhesive.
Liner PE coated white kraft paper
85 g/m2, 0.082mm
Color Bright silver
Printing Full Color
Size Customized