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CCTLPET025 vulcanized tyre label

1.The EU tire label will be displayed as a sticker on all new tires from November 2012. All dealers are obliged to provide this information. You can also view EU ratings for each Fulda tire on our website.Label values shown are for illustrative purposes only. Values for a certain tire line/size may vary

2.Superior tire manufacturers are using QuickLabel color printers to generate the correct tire label, complete with variable product specifications, colors and logos.

Product No. CCTLPET025
Facestock White Polyester (PET)
35 g/m2, 0.025 mm
Special Coating Aluminium barrier foil
Adhesive Special purpose permanent, rubber based adhesive.
Liner PE coated white kraft paper
135 g/m2, 0.145mm
Color Gloss White
Printing Full Color
Features With a high barrier to penetration of
components within the rubber substrates
Size Customized