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CCPPT052 private label water bottle

CCPPT052 private label water bottle

For water, juice and any other drinks bottle packaging, we need to put the sticky labels onto the bottle to make it more attractive and to let all the information of the drinks to be listed on the labels.

Crystal Code supply many different materials for vaious materials bottles to make your drinks product better looks, also can meet the waterproof performance requirements.

For water bottle, we have special both side printing labels to make the products more specially.

There’s more to achieving successful custom labels than design – the container you’re applying a label to is just as important! If your label isn’t compatible with the container’s shape, size, product contents, and material, it can ruin all your hard work. Let us help you create a label solution that works best with your container.

Product No. CCPPT052
Facestock Gloss transparent polypropylene film
Special Coating 47 g/m2, 0.052 mm
Adhesive acrylic
based adhesive
Liner White glassine paper
61 g/m2, 0.055mm
Color Transparent
Printing Full Color
Features Widely used for cosmetic and drinks bottle labels, with special adhesive can be used for garment and wet wiper removable labels.
Size Customized