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Art laser Printer Paper Label

Laser printing paper is a black and white laser printer paper, Its printed quality is very good and Its performance is higher than ordinary copy paper. It also has other advantages . And it sis expensive than common papers.And it doesn’t overflow the glue.

You can use inkjet printer or laser printer to do printing on the sticker paper just as what you do printing on normal paper.

It has been widely applicated for 8.5"x11" sheet sticker as the air express courier company in US for example UPS,FEDEX, DHL and etc.

Product No. CCALG072 CCALY072
Facestock A special machine treated white wood free paper
64 g/m2, 0.072 mm
A special machine treated white wood free
64 g/m², 0.072 mm
Special Coating characteristic of good ink
characteristic of good ink
Adhesive acrylic based adhesive acrylic
based adhesive
Liner White glassine paper
81 g/m², 0.086 mm
Yellow kraft paper
55 g/m2, 0.058mm
Color Matte white Matte white
-40℃-93℃ -40℃-93℃
-4°C -4°C
Printing Full Color Full Color
Features The product is designed for the manufacture of self-adhesive A4 sheet products for use in laser printers and inkjet printers with good ink receptibility.   This product suit for all the usual printing technologies.Suit to medium preprinting quality requirement. Excellent conversion characteristics in
rotary and flat-bed.
Size Customized Customized